Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello Monday!

So I have started of list of blog topics of things I feel are worthy of putting on here. Here are a couple of product reviews from some 'newer' items on the shelves that I have tried recently!

1) Snackwells
White Fudge Drizzled Caramel Popcorn:

Many of you might remember 'old school' snackwells. Fairly flavorless, boring packaging...but behold Nabisco has chosen to revamp the Snackwells brand and in turn have come up with a couple of new tasty treats! My first sampling of this delicious white chocolate covered Popcorn was over Memorial weekend when I visited one of my best friends in Raleigh. His mom works for Nabisco and had given him a couple of boxes. I expected it to taste kind of bland, but boy was I wrong! This white chocolate covered caramel popcorn is DELICIOUS! For only 3 Points+ for all you weight watcher friends out there it is a 'bargain' pointswise. There is just enough in the bag where you don't feel the need (okay, maybe you do) to open 10 bags! I highly recommend. (PS: the milk chocolate fudge drizzled is pretty good as well)

One thing I would recommend NOT buying from the new Snackwells line is their Rich Vanilla Creme Brownie Bites. These things are just very BLAND and not worth the money (or the Points+)!

2) Lean Cuisine Market Creations

One thing for sure, I LOVE to eat. I almost ALWAYS hate when the end of my meal is near. I must not be alone in this since Lean Cuisine has decided to come out with a line of 'larger' meals that come in steamer bags. These are typically included on the 4 for $10 or whatever sale your local grocer offers and it is a great value for lunches when you simply don't have time or energy and need a quick grab. I have tried a few different flavors that I have rated below! I have also tried one of the Weight Watcher Smart One bags, but being more expensive (typically) and less flavorful, the clear winner is Lean Cuisine! These meals have around 7 Points+ per bag!

Chicken Poblano: A- (A little spicier of a sauce would put this over the edge to an A+) - Thanks to my brother for recommending this one! Definitely the All-Start of the ones that I have tried!

Asiago Cheese Tortelloni:  B (Needs a little more salt - I also try to add more vegetables since there is plenty of sauce to go around)
Mushroom Tortelloni: B- (A little sweeter than I like my meals, but still VERY good)
Garlic Chicken: B- (Just your average chicken, broccoli and pasta...)

Good job to the folks over at Lean Cuisine! Keep these bigger (MORE FILLING) portions coming our way! My only suggestion would be ADD MORE VEGETABLES!

Okay - these were the top two reviews I have wanted to write for a while! I am always on the lookout for new products!

Do you have any new (or old) products that you just LOVE? I'd love to hear your comments/reviews as well!

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